How To Make With Fiverr
How To Make Money With Fiverr Fiverr has become a popular website for both buyers of sellers of thousands of different types of products and services, with a strong focus on meeting marketing needs. Making money on Fiverr as a seller is easier than you think, but it does require some work. Here are the steps you need to take to make money with Fiverr. Step 1: Set up an account. Setting up an account is quick, easy, and totally free. Put in all of your information, and make sure you include a picture of yourself that lets people know who they’re working with. Step 2: Create some gigs. There are a few things to keep in mind while creating gigs. First of all, you want to make sure it’s something that you’re good at and that you can do. Buyers on Fiverr expect professional results, so make a list of the things you’re good at before you even start creating gigs, and take some time to look around Fiverr to see what others are offering for ideas. Keep in mind when just starting out that you can’t sell anything for more than $5, and that you only get $4 out of every $5, so make sure that you can complete the gig well in a reasonable amount of time. For example, if a gig takes you two hours to complete, you only make $2/hour. But, if you can complete 3 gigs in an hour, you’re making $12/hour. Carefully choose the wording in your gig to accurately describe the service or product you are selling. You also want to utilize as many tags and keywords as you can to help buyers locate your gig. Some pieces of information to include in your description are past experiences, previous jobs, and education. Before you get a lot of feedback for your gig, buyers will have to rely solely on your description to determine if they want to buy from you. The other consideration you need to make while completing gigs is the number of days it will take you. This is primarily based on the amount of time you have every day to devote to Fiverr and the number of other gigs that you have coming in to complete. At the beginning, if you are not too busy in other areas of your life, you may put 1 - 3 days to complete. However, as you get busier and therefore take longer to get to newly placed orders, you may raise it to 5 - 7 days. Step 3: Wait. While you wait for orders to come in, keep looking for ways to make improvements to your gigs so that people are more likely to buy them. Make sure the picture you include accurately reflects the type of service you are offering. Create video introductions for your gigs which makes them over twice as likely to be chosen. Create a gallery of examples of the services you provide. Step 4: Manage and complete orders. Once you have orders, complete them as quickly as you can but without sacrificing quality. Make sure you are checking your Fiverr account at least once per day to check for activity. If you receive messages, answer them quickly and honestly. If you have questions about an order or are not clear on what a buyer wants from you, always ask the buyer before moving forward with the order. © 2012